S1. Research & Innovation

We guide you through the European Research & Innovation Program to boost your capacity of creating new breakthrough technology:

  • Develop an innovation road map setting short, medium and long-term goals aligned with Horizon Europe funding
  • Build global partnerships for research collaboration under Horizon Europe 
  • Design a communication plan and a dissemination strategy to promote your technology and achieve the expected impact
  • Keep you posted about related calls, project ideas & partner searches
  • Author compelling proposals for Horizon Europe calls
  • Find the right partners for research collaboration in Horizon Europe
  • Coordinate EU projects through the project life-cycle
  • Develop technology transfer plans for your assets
  • Accurate R&D project management
We help you establish a complete technology transfer process in your organization. The transfer of technology to the market is a very complex process that requires the pooling of various viewpoints. Any technology-based business requires developing fundamental knowledge on three axes: technology, business model and implementation. We have developed a proprietary methodology to make this process smooth and fast.